Irresistible Me Deals

labor day special sale.

Irresistible Me has prepared the coolest deal for this year's Labor Day Sale. We have up to 50% off + a very helpful free gift.

irresistible hair mask.

This sale, the free gift we offer is a very helpful hair mask that will make your hair shinier than ever. It is made with clean ingredients, for the best hair spa at home experience.

The irresistible hair mask represents a non-steaming treatment and it's easy to use it at home. It moisturizes in-depth and reduces frizz, while maintaining your hair color bright and shiny. It's perfect for all hair types and has shown amazing results on damaged hair.

why irresistible me?

We are the first brand to offer a wide range of hair textures, colors and lengths because we value inclusivity.

It’s proven that hair extensions will boost your confidence by giving you what you need: more length, more volume or both. Our hair extensions are made of the best 100% human hair - that makes them virtually undetectable.

Our extensions are made using a multi-tonal hair technology, so they blend seamlessly with your own hair shade and every set comes with a tester piece, guaranteeing a color match.

Irresistible Me only sells human hair extensions and our prices range from one collection to the other. Want to find out more? Visit